Warrior Storytelling


About our programs

Storytelling is how we heal, how we validate, how we inform, and how we connect. Our warrior storytellers use purposeful storytelling to achieve relevance in life and business.

Story is how we influence!

The Heroes Journey storytelling workshops provide a safe place for our nation’s defenders and their family members to begin to untangle their lived trauma and express their experiences in ways that promote healing, growth and empowerment.

Storytelling workshops facilitated by The Heroes Journey bring together warriors and their family members to connect and share their scars and experiences through the power of story. Stories, with their inherent capacity for resolution and healing, serve to give individuals a sense of self. Our workshops recognize that the deepest scars from the past can be re-purposed into narratives that help individuals find meaning and purpose, transcending their struggles.


About our programs




The Generosity of Scars

How do we close gaps between the warrior and civilian world?

“You’re going to heal yourself as you go through this. You’re going to heal yourself because stories heal the brain, they heal the heart, and they heal the soul.”

The Generosity of Scars storytelling workshop brings warriors and/or their family members together to connect and to share their scars and experiences with each other through the power of story. Stories give us a sense of ourselves through resolution and healing. The deepest scars from your past can be re purposed into narratives to help you transcend your struggles and provide meaning and purpose in your life.

Warrior cultures from the past knew that allowing returning soldiers to publicly share their experiences from combat, with one another as well as the civilian population, was critical to their successful reintegration into society. Unfortunately, we no longer do this. In fact, many of our nation’s defenders feel that to be open and vulnerable somehow makes them weak. They carry their trauma inside, and are never truly able to escape the horrors from their past and become fully present.

Using proven, science-based methods that The Heroes Journey has successfully deployed around the country, a Heroes Journey Generosity of Scars workshop will help you:

Under the supervision of board certified mental health professionals and veteran storytelling coaches, warriors will learn how to take their trauma and shape it into powerful healing stories, which will allow them to communicate more effectively with their families and communities, and finally find their voice and tell their stories after so many years of remaining silent.


Take the Mic

How do you achieve the strategic impact you were born to have?

Take the Mic training empowers participants with the skills needed to find their voice and take the mic to deliver a powerful talk from the stage and influence any room. You will learn powerful methods for dynamic storytelling through reps and drills of both your instrument and your craft using the In Your Bones Framework.

There are thousands of our nation’s defenders right now, thousands of Gold Star Family members, thousands of their family members who feel stuck, they feel frustrated, they feel like their voice has gone silent, and they long to put it back into the world in the service of others. Taking the mic is not an easy process in this fast-paced world. It takes mindset, skill, and instinct to make a connection with an audience. In this course, Scott Mann has synthesized 30 years of leadership experience and human connection insights so that it can inform the amazing stories and messages participants have to share.

By participating in a Heroes Journey Take The Mic workshop, you will:

There’s no ceiling for you, there’s no limit to the good you can do as long as you keep telling your stories in the service of other people. The wisdom in your lived experience is exactly the asset so desperately needed in our low-trust and distracted society.

We need what you’ve got. We need you to take the mic!

For more information or to schedule a workshop, contact us: info@theheroesjourney.org or or visit the link below