Find Your Voice. Tell Your Story.

Gain the essential skills you need to reconnect to your new life and purpose beyond the military

Every year, 200,000 veterans transition from military service to civilian life

Many veterans say that transition to civilian life is the biggest obstacle they’ve ever faced. It’s a challenging time that often results in

Loss of identity

Lack of purpose

Feelings of isolation

When you tell your story, you are much more resilient to cope with the stresses of military transition and lead our communities here at home.

Storytelling is how you


Telling your story will help you take your combat trauma and use it to heal your mind and quiet your soul.


Telling your story will capture your leadership wisdom as a veteran and turn it into a narrative that helps civilians make sense of their own struggles.


Telling your story will help bridge the civil-military gap and create a shared perspective throughout your community and country.

Are You Ready to Start Your Heroes Journey?

Your return and transformation are central to the strength of America.

Unlock the greatest transition asset you have – your story – in 3 steps


Find Your Voice

You have a story inside you. We’ll help you find it.


Craft Your Story

We have several storytelling courses and workshops to help you craft your story – find the one that’s right for you.


Tell Your Story

Connect with a network of other veterans and military families on their own Hero’s Journey and practice telling your story in our private Facebook Team Room

Not ready to tell your story yet?


That’s OK.


Read ‘Mission America: Straight Talk About Military Transition’, stay connected, and let us know when you’re ready to jump in.

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LAST OUT – A film by The Heroes Journey

100% of the proceeds from your rental or purchase of LAST OUT funds veteran storytelling workshops, events, and books through The Heroes Journey

We need to tell the story of the sacrifice of our veterans.

We also need to tell the story of the relationships and love that our veterans have with the Afghan people, particularly as they come here to become our newest citizens. 

Together, we can heal the wounds that have been affected on our combat veterans, our military families, and our Afghan allies as we come home from the longest war in history.

It’s time for storytelling. It’s time to heal. It’s time for LAST OUT.

We Need Your Help!

With the recent withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, we diverted our resources to fundraising for other nonprofits that were helping evacuate our Afghan partners and U.S citizens trapped in Afghanistan, as well as responding to our veterans who were experiencing immense trauma during this event and feeling like their service was meaningless. As a result, we need your support to continue to bring healing to our veterans through sharing their stories. Your donation will support programs that help veterans find their voice and tell their story. Most importantly, you will know that you were part of something special and that you stepped up when no one else would. 

The Heroes Journey in the News

Watch Ret. Lt. Col Scott Mann on the Huck’s Heroes segment of The Huckabee Show to discuss how The Heroes Journey is reconnecting warriors to a sense of purpose through story.

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