The Heroes Journey: Find your voice. Tell your story.
The Heroes Journey is dedicated to empowering service personnel, their families, and the families of the fallen by enabling them to discover their voice and share their narrative through purposeful storytelling.
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Our Mission

The Heroes Journey helps our nation’s defenders and their families, and families of the fallen find their voice and tell their story. Warriors learn that sharing their stories, even the ones they don’t want to tell themselves, can heal, can reconnect, and can validate their service. By sharing their scars, they help our country bridge the defender-civilian gap that grows wider every day.

Our Programs


A safe space to find your voice and tell your story.

Generosity of Scars

Completing your hero's journey

Take the mic

Strategic storytelling from the stage

Last out: elegy of a green beret

A live example of the power of storytelling.


Storytelling is how you…


Telling your story will help you take your trauma and use it to heal your mind and quiet your soul.


Telling your story will capture your leadership wisdom and turn it into a narrative that helps civilians make sense of their own struggles.


Telling your story will help bridge the warrior-civilian gap and create a shared perspective throughout your community and country.

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In our workshops, warriors, protectors, and their families find a secure space to unravel lived trauma and express themselves, fostering healing and empowerment. Tailored for veterans, police officers, first responders, family members of fallen heroes, and military families, our sessions provide a supportive environment for participants to voice their experiences and discover pathways to healing.

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