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In 2023,

The Heroes Journey impacted the warrior community in a variety of ways


For millennia, the enduring strength of storytelling has guided societies worldwide in reintegrating their warriors, processing the aftermath of combat, and transitioning back to civilian life. Veterans, Families of the Fallen, first responders, active-duty military, law enforcement, and their families all seek avenues to derive significance from their experiences. Explore how our storytelling workshops provide a journey toward healing and validation by reading the stories shared below.



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Clay Jensen - Military Veteran

Clay Jensen - Military Veteran

Clay jensen

“I was referred to the Heroes Journey Generosity of Scars through a friend, a three time purple heart recipient. I spent 40 months in Iraq and Afghanistan and have spent nearly 9 years trying to put all those experiences into proper perspective – the guilt, pain, and sadness. In a matter of hours with you all, I feel at peace, like not just the way people say those words, but actually experiencing a sense of calm. Please keep doing what you are doing, you are changing lives and are a force for good.”

Carlie Sterling - USAF Veteran

Workshop - Group

“I can not express the impact the storytelling workshop and show had on my life. For a little background I am a USAF veteran. All I ever dreamed of my whole life was to serve my country, and while I was able to do so, it was unfortunately cut short with a medical retirement after only 7 years.

I had so many feelings of disappointment, and heartbreak after my dream was cut short. I was stuck in a mental space of not feeling like I did enough and that I let everyone important to me down.

While no amount of talking to friends, family, or counselors seemed to help, this workshop did in ways I didn’t expect. Telling my story to people who have experienced similar life experiences and hearing their stories helped me feel a sense of community and support I really needed. I felt validated and was able to work through some feelings I didn’t even know I had been dealing with since retiring.

It’s an experience I will never forget and will forever be grateful for. Thank you to all the men and women who dedicated themselves to this project. You’ve changed my life forever.”

Brian Jennings

AZWorkshop (129)

“I’m so grateful for the Generosity of Scars workshop. I can now see why these thoughts of mine keep popping into my mind. It’s been difficult for me to share my experience with others because I’ve felt it is some sort of complaining or makes others feel bad. Now, I’m going to continue working with the hero’s journey structure in order to share my life with people in a way that is a contribution to them.”

Stephen Spelman - Retired FDNY EMT

Workshop - Will, Stephen

“Coming into the workshop, I had no idea what it was going to be like. I hadn’t asked any questions, or looked anything up. I just came into the workshop open-minded. I was pretty impressed by the support and motivation of the coaches and of course, Scott. The atmosphere was very relaxing. I was very comfortable digging deep into my story, putting it on paper, adjusting it and then verbalizing it. I believe these workshops can serve others as a tool to help deal with their experiences or trauma. It definitely helped me.”

Dave allen, sfc ret u.s. army

“Outstanding! I was a little off when the day started; not fear, just curiosity about storytelling. I hadn’t understood what Warrior Storytelling was. To my amazement, being surrounded by Veterans carrying the same rucksack, I was able to openly discuss memories that I wouldn’t even want to share with myself. I’m in the fight to eliminate Veteran suicide in any capacity that will help; storytelling works through the connections Veterans share that others do not.”

military child


“Participating in The Heroes Journey’s “Generosity of Scars” Storytelling workshop has been an incredible journey for me as a military child. It provided a unique platform where I could explore and express the emotions that often accompany the hardships we face. Through the power of storytelling, I learned to embrace my scars and use them as a source of strength. Sharing my experiences and listening to others’ stories allowed me to connect with a community that truly understood the challenges we go through. The workshop equipped me with valuable tools to navigate my emotions, fostering resilience and empowering me to face any difficulties with a newfound sense of courage and understanding.”

Gold Star Sibling


“Thank you for helping us tell our stories in a powerful and meaningful way that people will remember! The amount of love and support you gave us gave us a safe place and that’s all we need!”


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