Founder of The Heroes Journey

I’ve experienced trauma as a former Green Beret and combat veteran. I went through my own struggle with depression and transition challenges. In fact, I almost took my own life six years ago. After two decades of service I came home to a world I didn’t recognize, inhabited by people who didn’t seem to know the first thing about me.  When I reached the lowest point in my struggles with transition, I turned to written story as a form of therapy. I realized that although the story was mine, I was talking about the frustrations of hundreds of thousands of transitioning military members.  I found story as a way to close those transition gaps and help heal the wounds of war.

We Need Your Help!

With the recent withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, we diverted our resources to fundraising for other nonprofits that were helping evacuate our Afghan partners and U.S citizens trapped in Afghanistan, as well as responding to our veterans who were experiencing immense trauma during this event and feeling like their service was meaningless. As a result, we need your support to continue to bring healing to our veterans through sharing their stories. Your donation will support programs that help veterans find their voice and tell their story. Most importantly, you will know that you were part of something special and that you stepped up when no one else would.