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I’ve experienced trauma as a former Green Beret and combat veteran. I went through my own struggle with depression and transition challenges. In fact, I almost took my own life six years ago. After two decades of service I came home to a world I didn’t recognize, inhabited by people who didn’t seem to know the first thing about me.  When I reached the lowest point in my struggles with transition, I turned to written story as a form of therapy. I realized that although the story was mine, I was talking about the frustrations of hundreds of thousands of transitioning military members.  I found story as a way to close those transition gaps and help heal the wounds of war.

Chris Vetzel

Veteran, warrior storytelling workshop graduate and facilitator, cast member of “last OUt”


“As I worked through my story of hitting the massive IED, I felt years of suppressed trauma start to unwind. I found that not only did sharing my scars help me work through my own pain, but it helped the people who were listening as well. Learning to share my stories in the service of others was a major turning point in my recovery. It gave me my life back. Now, I teach other veterans and their families the amazing power of storytelling. I no longer feel like I have to be a warrior or suffer in silence. I finally get to be myself.”

We Need Your Help!

As tough as this past year and a half has been on many of us, our warriors abroad, our veterans, and their families, and the First Responder community are all facing immense challenges. Despite the fear, uncertainty, and division affecting our nation,  our warriors have never wavered. Meanwhile, we are losing even more of our veterans to suicide, depression, and a range of other mental health issues as they fight to navigate the immense gaps of transition from the military or civil service.

Please join The Heroes Journey in our fight to help warriors find their voice through purposeful storytelling. Your donation at any level can help us make a great difference to our warriors in a time of crisis.

Right now, no one else is coming. It's up to us. Let's send a message to our warriors and their families that they are not forgotten, that they’re not alone despite the pain we are going through as a nation.

Please go to The Heroes Journey and make a donation now.

Thank you for what you do to support our military, veteran, and first responder communities.



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