Time is of the essence. You can make a difference.

As an American, I know you love your country and our military. After twenty years of partnering with the Afghan people, you want to help our veterans and the Afghans escape the terrible atrocities that are taking place in Afghanistan right now. 

That’s not easy. 

U.S. Forces have withdrawn. The Taliban have taken over the country. American citizens and the brave Afghans who fought alongside them – along with their families – are now being actively hunted and killed by the brutal Taliban forces while our government is not engaged. 

How does that make you feel? Frustrated? Helpless? The images coming across the screen and the pain in the eyes of our veterans and Gold Star families is almost unbearable to see after all they’ve sacrificed in Afghanistan. 

After all the support you’ve shown our veterans, you shouldn’t feel like all you can do is watch 24-hour news reports of atrocities at a time when the love and support of the American people are needed more than ever. 

I know what that feels like. As a career Army Green Beret, I spent multiple tours in that war-torn country. I’ve experienced first-hand the loss of friends in combat, I’ve seen the pain and loss on their family’s faces as we bring their caskets home, and I stand here today because of the actions of several brave Afghans who risked their lives for me

During my time in combat in Afghanistan, I built strong relationships with non-governmental organizations and Afghan leaders to get things done in that troubled land even when the governments failed. Our non-profit, The Heroes Journey, helps tell the story of modern war and how we can help heal, re-connect, and learn the valuable lessons we need to learn. Our film Last Out, to be released on November 11th, tells the story of the true cost of the war in Afghanistan and how it impacted the warriors who fought it as well as their families. 

Because that story needs to be told. 

But right now, we have bigger work to do. We need to help get Afghan citizens who fought alongside the U.S. Forces out of that country now before they are hunted down and killed. And we’ll do it because helping is what Americans do. 

We are working with No One Left Behind to get this done. This amazing 501(c)3 is actively helping thousands of Afghans get on chartered flights, relocate to the U.S., and find safety and happiness here in America. 

Here is the plan that we have underway right now: 

1. Identify Afghans in trouble through our Special Operations network 
2. Move them through the chaos of the city to the airfield 
3. Coordinate flights to help them get home 


Time is of the essence and you can make a difference right now. Please go to the Saving Heroes GoFundMe campaign and donate whatever you’re able. 

We stand at a crossroads at this time of division in America. 

If we do nothing, the outcome is predictable. These brave Afghans who fought alongside us for twenty years, and their families, will be hunted and killed. Perhaps worse, we will be looking back on the other side of this tragedy, wondering if we could have done more. 

But, if we act now, the future becomes predictable. We are already moving Afghans out of the country. We know it can be done. 

With your help, we’ll see these warriors’ families, including their small children, find safety away from Taliban horror. These loyal Afghans will find a better life for themselves and their families and you’ll know that you were part of something special, stepping up when others simply watched the news. 

Every cent of your donation to No One Left Behind will go toward the costs of bringing Afghan warriors who fought so boldly alongside their American brothers and sisters to their new home.

Remember, fear is contagious, but so is leadership. 

De Oppresso Liber, 

Scott Mann