Helping Warriors Find their Voice and Tell Their Story


Every year, hundreds of thousands of veterans and first responders transition from service into civilian life. It’s a challenging time that often results in loss of identity and changes so significant it seems like they are changing planets. For our warriors to live the life of prosperity they deserve, they must rediscover their voice and tell their story. That is our Mission at The Heroes Journey.

Joseph Campbell described a universal story structure known as the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero hears a call.

Reluctantly he answers that call and departs on a perilous journey.

Along the way, the hero is tested, and must battle enemies inside and outside himself.

The Hero returns home – transformed.

This timeless story structure is what our military and first responder warriors and their families live every day.


At The Heroes Journey, we are a 501C3 of Warriors and Civilians with a passion for storytelling. We work directly with veterans, first responders, and their families to help them find their voice, and then tell their own hero’s journey in their transition from service to civilian life.

This is essential to reconnecting with their new lives and purpose beyond service. When Warriors tell their stories, they are much more resilient to cope with the stresses of transition and to lead our communities here at home. Our services include therapeutic storytelling workshops, online learning courses, and books on the transition from service to civilian life for veterans, first responders, and their spouses and children. We help our warriors explore their narrative through all means of storytelling, like music, writing, acting, and comedy.

When our warriors with Post Traumatic Stress tell their stories, the brain begins to make new connections to that memory. Warriors are not only attaching words to their experience; they are attaching the feelings and sensory impressions that were felt at the time as well. In doing so, the ‘stuck’ part of the brain can finally stand down and stop firing as if there’s an immediate danger.

Our Transition Support Team of trained trauma specialists, counselors, and psychologists stands ready to assist our warriors through free comprehensive education, highly effective support programs, and innovative trauma intervention techniques. Our team members bring real and proven solutions to help our 
Warriors overcome their challenges, find their voice, and tell their stories.  

The return and transformation of these Heroes is central to the strength of America.

Join us, donate, or share your own hero’s journey.


Ret. Lt. Col Scott Mann

Founder, The Heroes Journey

We Need Your Help!

Your donations allow us to continue providing free books, workshops, support, and training to veterans, first responders, and their families. To date we have distributed over 15,000 free copies of Mission America: Straight Talk About Military Transition to transitioning servicemen and women, and trained over 500 veterans and first responders on how to develop and tell their story through different outlets. 

Your donations make a difference.