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Scott Mann


LTC (Retired) Scott Mann spent almost 23 years in the Army and 18 of that in Special Forces and Special Operations. Scott spent 10 years in 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) deploying to Central and South America, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Scott is a real estate entrepreneur, public speaker, best-selling author, military analyst, and advocate for veterans and veteran’s families. In addition to helping warriors find their voice and tell their story in transition, Scott wrote and acts in the play Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret and founded the company Rooftop Leadership. 

Monty Mann


Monty Man co-founded The Heroes Journey with Scott after their experiences with his transition out of the Army. As a military spouse and parent, she co-wrote the books Mommy Keeps Us Free and Daddy Keeps Us Free to help children cope with the fear, anxiety, and big feelings that come along with a parent being deployed by making them feel like they are part of the mission. Monty also serves as the Executive Producer of the theatrical production Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret

greg parsons


Greg Parsons graduated from Princeton University in 1994 with a degree in political science, and in 2008 he joined Semper Capital Management where he now serves as CEO. In addition to leading the business of Semper Capital, Greg serves as Chairman of the Investment and Risk Management Committees and is also a member of the Compliance Committee. Before Greg began his financial career over 20 years ago, he served as an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps deploying multiple times to the Middle East. When Greg began his financial career, he was dismayed by the absence of a military mindset which is all about the team, mission, and purpose. Not only did this experience shape the values on which he has built Semper, but this has served as an impetus to increase awareness of the value of hiring military veterans. Greg brings a dedication to military transition, rooted in first-hand knowledge of the stumbling blocks along a veteran’s transition path, to the mission of The Heroes Journey: helping veterans overcome challenges, find their voice, tell their story, and continue to lead this country.

Jerry Lujan


Jerry Lujan is the founder of Elevation180, a company focused on improving the profitable growth of producers and agencies in the insurance industry to be able to create bigger, better results faster and easier. Jerry has over 30 years of experience as a producer, manager, and owner in one of the largest privately owned independent insurance agencies in the Southwest. Jerry brings his motto of “Win on Purpose” to The Heroes Journey, creating a win-win for everyone involved.

David Martin


David Martin is a consultant and business coach for leaders who must transform how they achieve results. Across two decades and five continents, he’s helped thousands of Fortune 50 executives and entrepreneurs achieve results that once eluded them. David is a master storyteller who can quickly elicit insights in people, sparking the evolution of how they think, perform, and lead, making him a unique asset to the mission of The Heroes Journey.


Kim Seevers


Kim joined The Heroes Journey in 2020 after a 25 year career in the nonprofit space working with veterans and military family members. Kim manages the day to day operation of The Heroes Journey and works together with THJ’s amazing team of story coaches to bring storytelling to veterans, first responders, and their families across the country. In addition to her work with The Heroes Journey, Kim manages the training and competition programs for the veteran-laden USA Para Bobsled & Skeleton team. Time and again, Kim has witnessed the importance of providing a safe space where veterans can reconnect with their military brothers and sisters. She’s felt the healing power of stories shared, and has a passion for helping those who are struggling to make sense of life beyond their military service.

Kari Ellis


Kari Ellis is a retired Forensic Video Analyst/CSI who joined our team as the 2019-2020 Tour Manager of Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret while it toured the country. She is now our Community Outreach Director for The Heroes Journey and our Team Manager & Community Liaison for our 2023 Last Out tour. Kari is a former military spouse who lost her husband of 24 years to suicide in 2017. She now devotes her time to helping other first responders and veterans find their voice and learn to heal through storytelling. Having been a first responder and a military spouse allows her to understand the stresses of serving in high-profile positions.

chris vetzel


Chris enlisted in the Army Infantry in 2006. On a routine patrol in Baghdad, Iraq, his vehicle was hit by a massive IED that completely destroyed the vehicle and buried him and his squadmates alive. He was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in action, which included a traumatic brain injury and a broken leg. He struggled with those scars for over a decade before The Heroes Journey taught him how to turn that trauma into a powerful story, and now he helps other warriors find their voice and tell their story in transition.

Megan nemanic


Megan is an electrical engineer by degree and nuclear engineer by trade. She worked as a civil servant for the Navy on nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. She was the first civilian with no active duty experience to work for Naval Reactors. Her father served in the Navy for 20 years. Megan now dedicates her time to serving our veteran and first responder communities.

Emma Brannon


Emma, a Florida State University alumna, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management. Prior to her current role as Assistant Project Manager and Graphic Designer in 2023, she volunteered for the debut performance of “Last Out” in November 2018 and served as a digital artist at Rooftop Leadership. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys drawing and cherishes quality time with her husband and their three cats. Her father, a 26-year Air Force veteran, has deeply influenced Emma’s passion for The Heroes Journey’s mission. She has a profound understanding of the challenges faced by military children and the difficulties of growing up with a family member in active-duty military service, which fuels her empathy and dedication to the cause.

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